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We offer a variety of Building solutions to maximize wireless coverage in any building or venue with different applications from large Distributed Antenna System (DAS), to smaller Picocell and many more systems designed to meet the specifications of any network—even in the most challenging of environments.

Solve network coverage and capacity challenges with an inbuilding solution that delivers reliable, high-quality cellular voice and data coverage. With a common network infrastructure, designed and implemented throughout the property. Our construction teams have the experience and resources needed to deploy wireless infrastructure solutions that meet the scale, capacity, and performance requirements of large public venues.

Genearator Installation

CEC Technologies is dedicated to providing, temporary or permanent back-up power systems for businesses aiming for reliable and efficient electrical solutions. Our services span from temporary generator services for short term power outages to permanent generators for a more precise emergency power backup system. With our comprehensive services, we aim to modernize your electrical infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations, compliance with local regulations, and improved energy efficiency, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

Roof top installation

CEC Technologies specializes in the meticulous erection and installation of communication equipment, a critical asset for various telecommunications and broadcasting applications. Our adept team focuses on precise equipment placement, secure anchoring, and the proper integration of antennas and equipment to ensure optimal signal transmission and reception. In addition to installation, we are committed to the long-term functionality and integrity of these communication sites through our comprehensive maintenance services. Our routine inspections, repairs, equipment upgrades, and preventive measures are meticulously designed to keep your infrastructure operating efficiently and safely, ensuring a robust communication network that stands the test of time.

CEC Technologies is a turn Key solution, our clients utilize our ability to complete a full tower installation from start to finish inhouse. Some of the tasks are as follows:

  1. Planning: Determine the purpose of the tower, such as providing cellular coverage or broadcasting signals. Identify suitable locations based on factors like height requirements, proximity to power sources, and accessibility.
  2. Obtain Permits and Approvals: Research and comply with local regulations and obtain necessary permits and approvals from relevant authorities. This may involve environmental assessments, zoning permits, and structural engineering approvals.
  3. Design and Engineering: Engage with a professional engineering firm to design the tower structure, considering factors like height, wind load, and equipment requirements. The design should adhere to industry standards and safety regulations.
  4. Foundation Construction: Prepare the site by clearing vegetation and excavating for the tower foundation. Construct a solid foundation, typically made of reinforced concrete, to support the tower structure.
  5. Tower Erection: Assemble the tower sections on-site, following the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines. Use cranes or other lifting equipment to raise the tower sections and secure them together.
  6. Installation of Equipment: Install the necessary equipment on the tower, such as antennas, transmitters, receivers, and other communication devices. Ensure proper grounding and electrical connections.
  7. Testing and Commissioning: Conduct thorough testing of the tower and its equipment to ensure proper functionality and compliance with performance standards. This may involve signal strength testing, network connectivity checks, and safety inspections.
  8. Ongoing Maintenance:Regularly inspect and maintain the tower to ensure its structural integrity and optimal performance. This includes periodic inspections, equipment upgrades, and repairs as needed.

It is important to note that building a communications tower requires expertise in engineering, construction, and compliance with local regulations. It is recommended to consult with professionals in the field to ensure a successful and safe installation.